Promote & Earn

One of the biggest problems that activists, bloggers, citizen journalists and independent news outlets face is securing an income and funding, aside from their content being censored by social media platforms, search engines and hosting providers.

The Solution

To overcome the income and funding problem, and Winning Ads have created a business model that enables publishers and content creators to monetize their channels, pages and online content while supporting free speech and encouraging entrepreneurship.

By tapping into, and revolutionizing, the user-generated traffic niche market, Winning Ads can provide a website promotion and advertising platform to all publishers, content creators and internet entrepreneurs that enables them to promote and monetize their online content.

The User-Generated Traffic System

User-generated traffic systems are not new in the world of internet marketing, manual traffic exchange websites have been around since the late 1990s. However, the way Winning Ads and use and market their system is new.

The Winning Ads manual traffic exchange and advertising platform is different from nearly all other manual traffic exchanges because with Winning Ads we target a much broader user base, that, as a result, also brings a much bigger variety of content.

Where most other manual traffic exchange websites are nearly entirely occupied by ‘make money online’ offers and ‘get rich quick’ presentations (which is why most only have up to 200,000 membership accounts), Winning Ads aims to be the leading platform in the industry with:

    1. The biggest content variety in rotation (this includes YOUR content)
    2. The biggest user base (5,000,000 users by 2030)
    3. The best advertising packages (membership upgrades)
    4. 500,000+ followers on social media (by 2030)

This means that, aside from online businesses, also artists, activists, bloggers, citizen journalists and independent news outlets can now promote their content without big media and governments being able to cut off their income stream(s), as they seek to expand their audiences and increase their sales and subscriptions.

Additionally, once Winning Ads has created a sizeable user base, all publishers, content creators and advertisers (that includes YOU as a Winning Ads member) will be able to target this user base efficiently and thereby also bypassing online censorship to a considerable extent.

How it Works

As a member of Winning Ads you can promote your content and pages in exchange for viewing other members their content and pages. This is a free-to-use system that enables you to reach new audiences and to find new content and contacts that may interest you.

For each page that you view, you get one page view in return. This is the 1:1 (1 for 1) surf ratio being used at Winning Ads. It’s simple and fair. The traffic credits (1 per page view) that you earn, you can then assign to your own URLs to drive traffic to them.

You can also display your 468×60 banners and text ads.


As a free member of Winning Ads you earn 25% commissions when your referrals upgrade their membership account. When you have upgraded to the Associate membership level you earn 50% commissions, and you get the biggest advertising package in the entire manual traffic exchange industry.

An upgraded membership level includes an advertising package. View the different membership levels here.

To monetize your content and pages, simply promote Winning Ads to your audience. Share your affiliate link and display the promo tools that are made available.

Your commissions are paid straight into your bitcoin wallet or PayPal account, depending on your personal agreement with Winning Ads.




In The News Today® and Winning Ads by Koen Jacobs. Activist, independent investigator and publisher since 2009.