Reality Check: Humans Are NOT Becoming Obsolete

KOEN JACOBS, – There’s a new dystopian kid on the block, it’s called “Institute of Human Obsolescence” and it believes that humans are becoming obsolete – as in ‘no longer useful’.

This Mackenzie Health Letter Indicates It’s Totally Possible that Politicians and Celebrities Get Saline Injected Instead of COVID “Poison”

KOEN JACOBS, – I don’t believe for a second that saline is being injected by accident, as this letter from Mackenzie Health, below, states.

Western Mainstream Media Want a 3rd World War… With North Korea, China and Russia

KOEN JACOBS, – They call North Korea a hermit state and at this point North Korea has very good reasons to be one. They know that, for instance, face masks are useless and only serve a very different agenda…

In North Korea They Know COVID Masks Are Useless

KOEN JACOBS, – Here are the most recent photos from the North Korean government. Notice how NO ONE is wearing a silly face mask. They know it’s a scam and they’re not playing along. Which is one of the…

From Unit 731 to Fort Detrick: What is the U.S. Hiding from the World?

The atrocities of the infamous Unit 731 of the Imperial Japanese Army are shocking to the world. What is more disturbing is the U.S. connections to Unit 731 and its own covert experimentations

If You Thought Benjamin Netanyahu Was Evil As Israel’s ‘Leader’, Naftali Bennett Is a Continuation Thereof – Benjamin Netanyahu was the mentor of Naftali Bennett, the new prime minister of Israel. Nothing good can come from this. What is sure already is that Bennett’s extremist right-wing zionism is as toxic as Netanyahu and Likud (Irgun)…

Netanyahu Ordered Illegal Shredding of Docs at His Office Before Bennett Took Over

People who worked at the office under former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said it was he who ordered the documents shredded. It was not immediately clear which documents were destroyed or how many.

Just Call it What it Really is, Communitarianism and Communitarian Law: “Biden Wants To Seize Control of Local Land-Use Regulations”

“Included in Biden’s American Jobs Plan is a proposal that would award grants to jurisdictions that move to eliminate single-family zoning and other land-use policies the administration deems harmful.”

Home Depot Contracted its Own Container Ship to Avoid Shipping Delays

This proves that the shortages and port delays are created and caused deliberately, which then also proves that these shortages and delays are part of the controlled demolition of society and of the coming cyber plandemic.

When a Company Remotely Controls Your ‘Smart’ Thermostat You Know You’re Living in a Communitarian Nightmare

KOEN JACOBS, – Communitarianism is not about ‘the community’, even though the word would suggest otherwise. Communitarianism is about the government merging with corporations, in order to control your life. It’s about creating ‘smart cities’ where the rules and…