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Shocking: This is How WRONG it Goes With the COVID-19 ‘Vaccines’ in Europe

KOEN JACOBS, ITNT.news – Before we look at the current situation regarding the “vaccines” in Europe know that the same “vaccines” in Western Australia are considered “poison” by the government. The graphs and figures you will see in this report…

120,000 Members: Facebook Deletes Group About Adverse Reactions to COVID-19 Vaccines

ITNT.news – Critical thinking in large numbers is not allowed in a communitarian society, that’s why Facebook recently deleted the group “COVID19 VACCINE VICTIMS AND FAMILIES.” “The idea of this group is for victims [and] families to unite and for…

New COVID Vaccine Side Effect? In Israel, Six People Develop Herpes Zoster

HZ is characterized by a small, red rash that develops on the skin and itches. If complications develop, it can cause nerve damage and pain, including a prolonged burning session on the skin.