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In France, the COVID Vaccination Campaigns Are Large-Scale Medical Experiments

The clinical trials, although planned, have not been completed and some have not yet started. Depending on the vaccine, the final deadlines are scheduled between 2022 and 2025.

French Mass Vaccination Center Was Forced to Close Early After Only 58 People Out of 3,000 Showed Up

French teachers in the city of Nice have overwhelmingly rejected AstraZeneca’s Covid jab after just 58 out of a possible 3,000 signed up to be vaccinated. The jabs were being offered at a mass vaccination centre in Nice’s Palais des…

French Government “Bears Significant Responsibility” for Rwandan Genocide in 1994

The damning report, released Monday, commissioned in 2017 and running to nearly 600 pages, labels France a “collaborator” of the extremist Hutu regime that orchestrated the pogrom of some 800,000 people, and outright rejects the position that Paris was blind…