World War 3

WW3 started on March 11, 2020

In Germany and Belgium, Hospitals Manipulate ICU Data, While Governments Are Aware of It

KOEN JACOBS, – The only way this COVID death cult pandemic has been able to survive this long, is because unwarranted fearmongering, lies, deception and corruption have enabled it.

U.S. CDC: Heart Inflammation in Young Men Higher Than Expected After Pfizer, Moderna Vaccines

The CDC and other health regulators have been investigating heart inflammation cases after Israel’s Health Ministry reported that it had found a likely link

Flashback: Full-Spectrum Dominance: The Coronavirus Pandemic as a Stealth Attack

KOEN JACOBS, (March 18, 2020) – When you want to control the planet but you know at the same time that you will never be able to invade all the nations that you would like to see destroyed then…

The ‘Fastly Bug’ Shows How the 2025 Cyber Plandemic May Start

KOEN JACOBS, – First, let me respond to a question that people are asking me: Question: “How do you know that the cyber pandemic will happen in 2025?” Answer: I don’t ‘know’ that. I am merely following Lewis Shepherd,…

The US Housing Market, Communitarianism and the ‘Great Reset’

KOEN JACOBS, – At its core, the communitarian ideology has an agenda to completely eliminate individual liberties and rights. Including the right to own property.

The FBI’s Colonial Pipeline Escapade

“The Colonial pipeline hackers were so incompetent at securing their bitcoin that one has to wonder if this whole thing was just an FBI psyop to rinse laundered money back to themselves”

The Suppression of the Anti-Communitarian Movement. A Conspiracy You Likely Never Heard Of.

KOEN JACOBS, – For more than 20 years, a real truth and liberty movement has been growing around the world and chances are that you’ve never heard anything about it. This movement has been, and continues to be, the…

Rockefeller Foundation Funds the Lancet “COVID-19 Commission”

First the Rockefeller Foundation funded the ‘Lockstep’ report, now it also wants to control the post-COVID biological warfare truth.

The Crimes of 9/11 (USA), 3/11 (Japan) and 3/11 in 2020 (Ongoing) Were Perpetrated by the Same Cult

KOEN JACOBS, – At the very core of this 3rd world war, which started on March 11, 2020, there is a religious war, a spiritual war. This war was started by the same death cult which perpetrated the 9/11…

‘Chinese Concentration Camps in Texas’, a Story Planted by the CFR?

KOEN JACOBS, – Yesterday I shredded Mike Adams’ latest grey propaganda piece, in which he clearly tries to pit the American people against the Chinese, for all the wrong reasons.