World War 3

WW3 started on March 11, 2020

UK: Lockdowns Cause Panic Attacks in Millions of Children

NHS leaders say young children have become increasingly anxious, and that millions will need mental health treatment in wake of lockdowns

Global Famine: Why? Bioengineered Tiny Humans for a Zero Carbon Future

Anyone planning and advancing these crimes should be executed on the spot!

Belgian Soldier, Jürgen Conings, Who Threatened Government Virologist Found Dead Under Suspicious Circumstances

KOEN JACOBS, – Almost 40 days ago, Belgian soldier Jürgen Conings went missing after he had allegedly threatened to kill government virologist Marc van Ranst.

This Mackenzie Health Letter Indicates It’s Totally Possible that Politicians and Celebrities Get Saline Injected Instead of COVID “Poison”

KOEN JACOBS, – I don’t believe for a second that saline is being injected by accident, as this letter from Mackenzie Health, below, states.

Western Mainstream Media Want a 3rd World War… With North Korea, China and Russia

KOEN JACOBS, – They call North Korea a hermit state and at this point North Korea has very good reasons to be one. They know that, for instance, face masks are useless and only serve a very different agenda…

From Unit 731 to Fort Detrick: What is the U.S. Hiding from the World?

The atrocities of the infamous Unit 731 of the Imperial Japanese Army are shocking to the world. What is more disturbing is the U.S. connections to Unit 731 and its own covert experimentations

Home Depot Contracted its Own Container Ship to Avoid Shipping Delays

This proves that the shortages and port delays are created and caused deliberately, which then also proves that these shortages and delays are part of the controlled demolition of society and of the coming cyber plandemic.

BBC News: 45% to 77% of Recent COVID Deaths Are People Who Have Been Vaccinated

KOEN JACOBS, – The biggest problem that pathological liars face is that they create a fake reality for themselves and the people around them. A fake reality that they themselves get trapped in. Quite often, this results in a…

The Communitarian Heist That is Worth Nearly $4 TRILLION

KOEN JACOBS, – There’s at least a 50% chance that you’ve lost your job or business between March 11, 2020 – the start of the 3rd world war – and today. If you haven’t, good for you (but the…

12 Residents of Residential Care Center in Nivelles, Belgium Die After COVID Vaccination

KOEN JACOBS, – In the Nos Tayons residential care center in Nivelles, Belgium 12 residents, all pensioners, have died after their COVID vaccination. 121 people live in Nos Tayons.