Communitarian Movement

The globalist movement that is merging communism, environmentalism and capitalism.

Cyclist Flips Out, Smashes Car Window After Being Reminded to Trust the Government and Mainstream Media

KOEN JACOBS, – Some people turn into wild beasts when they are reminded to think for themselves. Now that’s what I call loyalty and dedication to the mainstream narratives. Big Brother is proud…

KBC Bank’s Creepy Gateway to Belgium’s Social Credit Score System

KOEN JACOBS, – Recently, KBC, a Belgian bank, launched a new service for its customers which enables customers to check and share their COVID status, lab results, medical reports and prescriptions.

Pakistan to Block SIM Cards of Unvaccinated People

KOEN JACOBS, – In Punjab, Pakistan the government is set to block the SIM cards of Pakistanis who are not getting vaccinated with the COVID “poison“, the Punjab Healthcare Department has stated on its Twitter account.

United States Follows Soviet Union’s Path — Putin

“The problem of empires is that they think they are so powerful that they can afford small inaccuracies and mistakes”

Flashback: Coronavirus: Fake Resistance Pushing for MORE Lockdowns

KOEN JACOBS, (March 16, 2020) – To no one in the true Resistance their surprise, the Infowars truth racket is now siding with the other monostream media outlets as they call for stricter containment measures. “The British government STILL…

Flashback: Coronavirus INSANITY: 11,000 Belgians Are BEGGING to Take Away Their Freedom and Natural Rights (March 18, 2020) – The world is in a state of pure insanity. People are BEGGING to have their freedom and natural rights taken away over a virus outbreak that is as serious as the seasonal flu (if at…

Flashback: Full-Spectrum Dominance: The Coronavirus Pandemic as a Stealth Attack

KOEN JACOBS, (March 18, 2020) – When you want to control the planet but you know at the same time that you will never be able to invade all the nations that you would like to see destroyed then…

The ‘Fastly Bug’ Shows How the 2025 Cyber Plandemic May Start

KOEN JACOBS, – First, let me respond to a question that people are asking me: Question: “How do you know that the cyber pandemic will happen in 2025?” Answer: I don’t ‘know’ that. I am merely following Lewis Shepherd,…

The US Housing Market, Communitarianism and the ‘Great Reset’

KOEN JACOBS, – At its core, the communitarian ideology has an agenda to completely eliminate individual liberties and rights. Including the right to own property.

Niki Raapana: Communitarianism – Dialectical Tool Of The NWO

Niki, who has adopted a traditional lifestyle in order to “live outside the dialectic”, shares with us what triggered her investigations.