Communitarian Movement

The globalist movement that is merging communism, environmentalism and capitalism.

Grains Analyst Missing as China Shuts Down Information on Failed Crop

Chinese officials are cracking down on independent information about grain pricing. There are reports that analysts working in Beijing for respected grains reporting firm Cofeed have been arrested or are under house arrest.

The Happening: The COVID Edition

KOEN JACOBS, – In the 2008 movie The Happening, audiences are led to believe that plants and trees have turned against humans. Nature itself, in the movie, has developed an airborne neurotoxin that causes humans to commit suicide, once…

UK: Lockdowns Cause Panic Attacks in Millions of Children

NHS leaders say young children have become increasingly anxious, and that millions will need mental health treatment in wake of lockdowns

Global Famine: Why? Bioengineered Tiny Humans for a Zero Carbon Future

Anyone planning and advancing these crimes should be executed on the spot!

Unconstitutional, Communitarian EU Bloc Wants to Cut Amount of British TV and Film Shown Post-Brexit

The EU does not enjoy majority support in Europe, the bloc was created illegally and therefore its demands and wishes are of no importance. The EU must be defunded and dismantled immediately.

Belgian Soldier, Jürgen Conings, Who Threatened Government Virologist Found Dead Under Suspicious Circumstances

KOEN JACOBS, – Almost 40 days ago, Belgian soldier Jürgen Conings went missing after he had allegedly threatened to kill government virologist Marc van Ranst.

State of California Launches COVID Passport

The state built the tool based on the SMART Health Card Framework, which has been used by private, public and non-profit organizations to create similar systems.

Reality Check: Humans Are NOT Becoming Obsolete

KOEN JACOBS, – There’s a new dystopian kid on the block, it’s called “Institute of Human Obsolescence” and it believes that humans are becoming obsolete – as in ‘no longer useful’.

This Mackenzie Health Letter Indicates It’s Totally Possible that Politicians and Celebrities Get Saline Injected Instead of COVID “Poison”

KOEN JACOBS, – I don’t believe for a second that saline is being injected by accident, as this letter from Mackenzie Health, below, states.

Western Mainstream Media Want a 3rd World War… With North Korea, China and Russia

KOEN JACOBS, – They call North Korea a hermit state and at this point North Korea has very good reasons to be one. They know that, for instance, face masks are useless and only serve a very different agenda…