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“Mandatory” Queensland COVID Check-in App for Hospitality Venues

KOEN JACOBS, – In March 2020, all governments said the ‘measures’ would only last for 2 weeks. 14 months later those same governments keep adding control grid infrastructure that has nothing to do with stopping any kind of ‘outbreak’….

Australian ‘Mouse Plague’ and the Controlled Demolition of the Supply Chains

KOEN JACOBS, – Although the mainstream media would want you to believe otherwise, the mouse plague in Australia has more to do with the controlled demolition of the supply chains than a drought. This is not hard to prove….

Western Australia Government Authorization to “Supply or Administer a Poison” [SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) vaccine]

The following document is an official document of the Western Australia (WA) government. In the interest of the safety, the health and the rights of the people, the Commission makes this information available.

Get Your Vaccines Folks: Praga Khan – Injected With A Poison (1993)

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It’s Official! COVID-19 Vaccines Are POISON According to a Western Australia Government Document

KOEN JACOBS, – In the past I may have used the word “poison” when referring to the COVID-19 vaccines and at that time I was choosing my words very carefully. I was attacked, verbally, by many people, for it….

Australian Government Axes Belt and Road Initiative Agreement Between Victoria and China

“This agreement was in essence made in secret, I don’t think it’s appropriate for these sorts of agreements to be made unilaterally by a state without involvement and consultation of the federal government.”

Global Warming is “Not a Great Threat” and Trying to Stop it is “More Pain than Gain”

“Here’s something else that would make China laugh,” Mr Bolt said. “The global warming religion of elites in the West. Here is the West slashing its emissions at such a huge cost to allegedly save a planet that’s actually doing…

“We Have Evidence that Woke Politics is Making the West Desperately Weak”

Sky News host Andrew Bolt says “we have evidence that woke politics is making the west desperately weak” after New Zealand’s Foreign Affairs Minister refused to criticise China on COVID-19’s origins or on the treatment of Hong Kong and its…