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Canpar, Loomis Stop Shipping Guns and Ammo in Canada

“They did this with no warning. We’re not happy with this for the industry,” Cox said. “Is there political pressure? Is there economic pressure? What would make them do that? What’s the real reason?”

‘Chinese Concentration Camps in Texas’, a Story Planted by the CFR?

KOEN JACOBS, – Yesterday I shredded Mike Adams’ latest grey propaganda piece, in which he clearly tries to pit the American people against the Chinese, for all the wrong reasons.

Bill Cooper’s “Behold a Pale Horse” Reaches #13 on Amazon

KOEN JACOBS, – First published in 1991, Behold a Pale Horse (PDF), written by CAJI (Citizens Agency for Joint Intelligence) founder William (Bill) Cooper, lists Cooper’s views on secret societies which have been planning, for decades, to install a…

Let’s Dissect the Latest Grey Propaganda Piece by Mike Adams, Who’s Completely Compromised

KOEN JACOBS, – Rebellions are almost never destroyed from the outside, they are almost always destroyed from within. That’s what’s happening to today’s worldwide resistance, and especially the resistance in the United States of America. Let’s dissect Adams’ piece:…

Johnson & Johnson Must Pay $2.1 Billion in Baby Powder Lawsuit

The Supreme Court on Tuesday rejected an appeal by Johnson & Johnson to reverse a $2.1 billion verdict for plaintiffs who claim the company’s talc powder products gave them ovarian cancer.

Also the EU’s Horizon 2020 Program Funded the Wuhan Institute of Virology

KOEN JACOBS, – First, the EU’s Horizon 2020 program is a cornerstone of the global communitarian 2020 agenda that was launched all the way back in the 1990s. The communitarian 2020 agenda has been extensively investigated and exposed by…

Cyber Attack Shuts Down Biggest Meat Producer in World, JBS – Cyberpandemic meets Food Supply

The WEF’s promised “cyberpandemic” has hit our food supply, as the biggest animal protein producer in the world, JBS, stopped operations worldwide after a cyberattack.

“It’s Time to Arrest and Prosecute Researchers Who Use Human Children for Covid Vaccine Medical Experiments” (

Koen Jacobs, editor’s note: This article was removed from the website by Mike Adams for reasons he explains like this: “Earlier this morning, Natural News published an article calling for Nuremberg-style trials for researchers who use human children…

Military Officer Facing Mutiny Charge After Anti-COVID Vaccine Speech in Toronto

Officer Ladislas Kenderesi called on other military members to disobey their orders and not distribute the vaccine.

CGTN: Wealthy Jews, Jewish Lobby Influence U.S. Foreign Policy

CGTN (May 17, 2021) – Israel and Palestine have seen their worst conflict since 2014. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi chaired the United Nations Security Council on Sunday and has called for a ceasefire, but the U.S. continued to uphold…