Eat BEEF: Join the Global Freedom Movement from the Comfort of Your Own Dining Table

KOEN JACOBS, – During the world wars one would have to go to the front lines to join the freedom movements of those days. Today things are quite different because most people understand that fighting in wars funded by the same banker families is totally absurd.

Today, one can actively join the global freedom movement simply by showing others that COVID-19 vaccines are “poison”, according to a document from the Western Australia government.

And by eating BEEF.

The communitarian movement, an international group of political extremists (can we use the word “terrorists”?), is campaigning hard right now to make beef disappear from your dining table, forever. Unless you’re super rich or your name is Bill Gates.

Last week, the Daily Mail, even though that’s a British “news” paper, tried to make people in the U.S. believe that folks there will only be allowed to eat 1 hamburger per month. This was not based on any government statement. No, the Daily Mail, the communitarian rag that it is, decided to do some calculations on its own, using its own world view.

Emily Crane, writing for the Daily Rag Mail and likely a soy girl herself (a woman who hates meat-eating humanoids), decided that in order to “save the planet” all of us meat-eating critters will have to cut our beef diets by 90%. Not because that’s actually true or necessary, no, just because Emily HATES meat eaters and, of course, is a hardcore member of the communitarian cult.

And then of course there’s Epicurious, that food magazine which once was known for its quality recipes.

There, Maggie Hoffman, the senior editor at Epicurious, decided to ban beef recipes from their magazine’s homepage and social media pages. Why? Well, to “save the planet” of course.

Here’s the problem with this ‘beef is bad’ narrative.

Humans have become the species that they are today because we have been eating meat for a whole while. If we would not have added meat to our diets we wouldn’t have the brain size we have today and we would still be picking berries from trees, naked.

So, this has nothing to do with “reducing C02” and has everything to do with the communitarian agenda that was violently rolled out on March 11, 2020, when the World Economic Forum launched its “great reset” propaganda campaigns. Although the “global warming” narrative, concocted by the same cult, is of course much older.

And that’s what this is all about. They want you to be dependent on big pharma’s poisons, big agro its GMO laboratories and on big media their fake news.

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