It’s Official! COVID-19 Vaccines Are POISON According to a Western Australia Government Document

KOEN JACOBS, – In the past I may have used the word “poison” when referring to the COVID-19 vaccines and at that time I was choosing my words very carefully. I was attacked, verbally, by many people, for it.

Today I can inform you about the fact that, indeed, those ‘vaccines’ are POISON.

I came across this official document from the Western Australia government, and guess what they call the COVID-19 ‘vaccines’?


The document can be downloaded from the government website here or here. If those links no longer work (which is very likely by the time you read this message), then use this link here.

The word “poison” in the government document, signed by Chief Health Officer Dr Andrew Robertson on February 18 (2021), refers to these COVID-19 ‘vaccines’:

  1. The University of Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine
  2. The Novavax vaccine
  3. The Pfizer and BioNTech Vaccine

This means that not only are those ‘vaccines’ experimental, they are also experimental poison!

Let that sink in for a few minutes, folks.

Here’s the bottom line.

Everyone who has received one or more doses of a COVID-19 ‘vaccine’ so far has in fact been injected with poison. And the government approved it… and you won’t be able to claim any damages from the pharma company that produced this poison because that’s one of the main terms of agreement in their contracts with the government.

Honestly, I feel very sad for those who have bought into the official narrative and who thought that they would get their freedom back, somehow… by being injected with… a poison!

No, this is not fake news, and no, governments, Bill Gates and the mainstream media will not get away with this. It’s all on record now, folks.

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