Belgian Government Responsible for More Than 17,000 Deaths During 2020 “Lockdowns”

KOEN JACOBS, – A new investigation by published today in the Dutch section of our website, for Belgium and the Netherlands, documents how the Belgian federal government its “lockdowns” last year, which were extremely violently enforced by the government, are directly responsible for 17,543 deaths in Belgium.

Lockdown: “the confinement of PRISONERS to their cells for all or most of the day as a temporary security measure” – Merriam-Webster dictionary

Using official data from Statbel, the federal government’s statistics bureau, emails that were sent in 2020 to various government agencies, political parties and even hospitals in the country, and  on-record cases filed at the federal police, the investigation shows that:

  • The federal government committed a democide in 2020 when it unilaterally pushed through  its 2 “lockdowns”, on March 18, 2020 and on October 19, 2020.
  • Regardless of the warnings about the problems with PCR testing, both the government and hospitals continue(d) to use PCR tests to measure the size of the so-called COVID-19 “pandemic”.
  • Regardless of the warnings about the experimental COVID-19 “vaccines”, the government and political parties continue to force citizens to get vaccinated with those vaccines. Even after they were given reports which clearly show that squalene and other adjuvants (and/or components) cause harm and have not been tested sufficiently.
  • Regardless of all the warnings, at least 80 people have already died, in 2021, after receiving a “COVID-19 vaccine”.

At the very least, the investigation concludes, the Belgian public is now, in fact, dealing with a massive coverup and a deeply rooted epidemic of corruption.

It also points to the fact that the mainstream media has refused to acknowledge and report the facts and series of events. It further states that also the mainstream press in the country is playing a key role in the coverup and in the rollout and enforcement of nationwide illegal medical experiments, which the “lockdowns” and vaccination campaigns, using experimental vaccines, are.

Such experiments are expressly forbidden by the Belgian constitution, the Nuremberg Code and the Declaration of Helsinki. Both the federal government and the political parties were reminded of that back in 2020, to no avail.

The investigation proposes the immediate launch of special working groups and committees of inquiry, by the federal police and the courts, in order to establish who has been, and is, responsible for the events and deaths.

The bottom line is, says the investigation, that the public today and future generations have the right to know the truth, and have the right to see the truth recorded and reflected in the archives of the country. Including in history books and education curriculum.