Case Filed at Belgian Federal Police Concerning Suspicious COVID-19 Vaccine Deaths

KOEN JACOBS, – Earlier today I reported suspicious COVID-19 vaccine deaths in Belgium at the federal police, after it had been reported that 81 people died after receiving a COVID-19 vaccine.

The police was requested to investigate these deaths and their potential links to the vaccines.

It was also requested to provide results from investigations that prove that no one in government is (financially) benefiting from keeping those deaths unrelated to the vaccines.

The federal police was also given information about how pharma companies will not be held accountable for any damages caused by their vaccines.

I also included the following in my report:

  • An insert for the COVID-19-mRNA-vaccine
  • A link to the WHO its December 2019 closed-doors meeting about vaccine safety

That insert says: “Since Comirnaty does not contain the virus itself to provide immunity, it cannot cause COVID-19 in you.” Does this mean that other COVID vaccines do or can cause COVID-19 (highly likely, yes)?

During that WHO meeting the “experts” admitted that vaccine safety is, in fact, not as real as governments and the mainstream media want us to believe: