Philip Zelikow, Head of UVA “COVID Commission” is Former Executive Director of the 9/11 ̷C̷o̷v̷e̷r̷u̷p̷ Commission

KOEN JACOBS, – Last week, the University of Virginia announced that its COVID Commission Planning Group will be headed by Philip Zelikow, one of its professors. Zelikow is the former executive director of the 9/11 Commission.

UVA its planning group “hopes to prepare the way for a potential National COVID Commission set up to help America and the world learn from this pandemic and safeguard against future threats.”

As everyone should know by now, the 9/11 Commission headed by Zelikow was a complete disaster. In fact, that commission’s failures are one of the reasons why the mainstream media and the U.S. government have still not revealed the conspiracy within the U.S. government and military complex that enabled and still is responsible for the 9/11 attacks and coverups.

This announcement says a lot about the credibility of the UVA because by choosing Zelikow for this position the university is now also part of that conspiracy. It’s not a secret that the 9/11 Commission its only purpose was (and is) to enable the Bush and following administrations to conceal the truths about 9/11.

Zelikow and Israel

Here’s what Zelikow said about the war in Iraq, while he served on the President’s Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board from 2001 to 2003:

“Why would Iraq attack America or use nuclear weapons against us? I’ll tell you what I think the real threat (is) and actually has been since 1990 – it’s the threat against Israel … And this is the threat that dare not speak its name, because the Europeans don’t care deeply about that threat, I will tell you frankly. And the American government doesn’t want to lean too hard on it rhetorically, because it is not a popular sell” – September 10, 2002

This proves that the whole narrative for the war in Iraq (and the 9/11 attacks), scripted and invented by the Bush administration and the mainstream media, is one giant lie.

According to Nathan Brown, professor of political science at George Washington University, “[the administration] made a decision to invade Iraq, and then started to search for a policy to justify it. It was a decision in search of a policy.”

Exactly, there was no valid reason for the U.S. government’s decision to invade and destroy Iraq, which eventually resulted in millions of unnecessary deaths.

The only reason why the U.S. invaded Iraq is because the Bush administration was under the full control of the Israeli government, military and spy agencies.

As for the suggested national COVID commission in the U.S., we already know what its purpose will be and, indeed, why Zelikow has been nominated as its head.

Ask yourself. Why would they need a corrupt guy like Zelikow to be in charge of a COVID commission IF governments and the mainstream media have not told any lies since the March 11 “lockdowns”?

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