In Belgium and the Netherlands, More Than 300 People Have Already Died After COVID-19 Vaccinations – Everything indicates that the COVID-19 vaccination campaigns will end badly, and deadly, in both the short and long term.

Since January, according to the Belgian Federal Agency for Medicines and Health Products (FAGG), 81 people have already died in Belgium after receiving a so-called “COVID-19 vaccine.” It should also be noted that not all deaths of this nature were reported. This means that the total number of deaths after vaccination is much higher. This also applies to the number of cases of side effects, which according to the FAGG currently counts 11,680. Of these, 30% are serious, including deaths.

In the Netherlands, 225 people have already died after receiving their COVID-19 vaccination, according to the Heart of the Netherlands organization. In the Netherlands, 33,585 cases of adverse reactions were also reported, which clearly shows that the numbers in Belgium are indeed much higher than has been admitted by the government and the press so far.

It is estimated that in Europe more than 4,000 people could already have died from the vaccines.

Just as the “lockdowns” have resulted in more deaths, instead of fewer, we already see that the vaccination campaigns will also cause more deaths than that they (could) prevent.

Earlier this week, the Belgian governments and Marc van Ranst, the self-proclaimed expert virologist, were informed by about the fact that their dictatorial “lockdowns” have been responsible for excess mortality. This was shown to them by means of an official Statbel chart. So far, nobody has replied.