International Campaign: Let Children Breathe!

LET CHILDREN BREATHE – We are a support for parents and those who care about children.

Let Children Breathe is not affiliated with any political party or organization. This is an independent initiative by concerned citizens. United to protect the well-being of children.

As adults we have the obligation to protect our children.

Countries around the world have introduced new rules, making the wearing of face masks mandatory in schools for children as young as 4 years old in some regions. In addition, there are parents who encourage their children to wear a face mask even when these rules do not apply. This doesn’t sit right with us.

You too can take a stand by downloading the poster in the language of your choice here.

Let others know that they are not alone.

Print the poster and display it at home, at work, in the car, ….
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Show your heart ❤ and let’s stand together.

From Belgium.
For children here and around the world.

Our Heart

For Our Youngsters: The Black Sheep
For Our Children: September 1, 2020

The Black Sheep

We were young, we were wild, we were free.

Often with a lack of sense, but full of zest for life…. and hormones.
We were reckless at times, but never lacking in dreams.

Too old to be patronized, too young for independence.
We were young people on the road to responsibility.

We think back to our teenage years with nostalgia and a little shame.
And yet this was our time, this was our chance.

Our chance to give it a try. To take risks and fail.
Our opportunity to discover society and take a step into the world.
Our chance to test our limits and ignore the rules.

It was not always sunshine and rainbows, yet we can talk about our youth in rhyme.

Now we are changing the tone because the youth of our young people is monotonous today.

No sports, because the measures.
No activities, because of the measures.
No parties, because the measures.

No circle of friends to hang out with aimlessly, but satisfied. No friends to find support with. It is a lonely quest for their identity and in the meantime their childhood passes them by.

They are forgotten, but they endure.
They are limited, but they endure.
They get beaten, but they endure.

Parents have their hands full. The smallest get priority. Our young people are not heard.

Fearful of the virus.
Sad about the virus.
Mad at the virus.
Accused of the virus.

Our young people are blamed as the black sheep of society.
Emotions bubble up and there is no outlet.
We cannot slowly implode our young people!

They are the adults of tomorrow.
Tomorrow’s responsible citizens.
Tomorrow’s decision-makers.

Our hope for tomorrow.

But what if the implosion has happened and the emptiness of their youth is what’s left in their hearts?
What kind of future awaits them?
What kind of future awaits us? Don’t shut them up.
Give young people oxygen.

Let children breathe ❤

1 September 2020

The first school day in high school. Do we still remember that day? We were 12, free, happy, naughty, adventurous, insecure, dreamy …

How would we as children have experienced the past months? The schools have been closed for months and adults are talking about a dangerous virus. But… we can finally go back to class. Happy! Although it is different this year: For the first time we have to wear a face mask.

The school year starts with mandatory face masks for children from 12 to 18 years old. They make up 7% of the Belgian population. The mask has to be put on on the school bus, it can be taken off outside the school gate, the mask has to be put on again at the school desks and it can be taken off in the toilet. The mask can be taken off to eat together, but it has to be put on again to work together. These rules feel like commands that the children have to follow closely like soldiers. No deviation is allowed. If you are nevertheless exempt, you will be treated as a dissident.

Is this the way we are going to fight the impending war? With our children as foot soldiers and the mask as a shield? Will we win the corona battle like this?

And what about the kindergarten soldiers? Can they take the responsibility of a shield on the school bus, on their way to the front lines?

More and more, we see our child soldiers returning wounded from the battlefield. Because of their shield, they already suffer from headaches, nausea, sinusitis … We think of children who will return with trauma, anxiety disorders and depression. Time and again we send them back to the front lines and every day we encourage them because they do it for us, even though the shield makes them weaker and weaker.

In the meantime, we adults watch as officers on horseback when we should be the ones to fight. It is our responsibility to build better strategies and not shift the burden of the shield to our children. It is our responsibility to fight for our children, to take care of our children. Let kids breathe again and, literally, give them more oxygen. So they become stronger and stronger.

The initiative “Give Children Oxygen” or “Let Children Breathe” was born out of love for children. At the end of August we bundled our fighting spirits and started this initiative from our heart for all children in Belgium and far beyond.

The posters call for the right to education in an authentic way for all children and young people up to the age of 18, and this without face masks.

We all have a voice, both children and adults. We have been a child or are a child. Now is the time to speak up and show up!

Do more than just talking and be a warrior, a soldier for our children and put up a poster: At home, in the car, at work… or share it on social media.

Let children breathe ❤