Planet Mars: Sometimes Mysterious Images Need a Simple Explanation – A reader sent in an interesting set of images, with the original coming from NASA. The image was allegedly taken in July 2015 on Mars, by NASA’s Curiosity.

The image goes by various names, including “The Martian Seal” and “The Mars Crab”. Whatever it is, it’s mysterious – and a simple explanation would certainly be welcome (we can’t give you one).

What it is not, is a case of pareidolia. As Time Magazine would want you to believe. Why? Because Time Magazine didn’t even bother to link to the original NASA photo or give you a closeup of the mysterious sighting. You just have to take their word for it that it’s just your mind playing games with you.

So what is it then? We don’t know. But, maybe you do… Whoever is out there lurking…

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