JPM Coin: Is This Why JP Morgan Is Financing the New Football “Super League”? – It is estimated that 46% of the world population is in some way interested in football, also known as soccer. According to various reports, in 2019 the world population was 7.7 billion people.

For JP Morgan this would mean that the bank would have an audience and potential customer base of 3.5 billion people for its so-called “JPM Coin”. A digital currency that is very different from bitcoin, since JP Morgan would have full control over its own coin, obviously. In contrast to bitcoin which is globally distributed through the blockchain.

As a partner of the World Economic Forum (WEF), JP Morgan has been supporting the WEF’s COVID-19 Action Platform since March 11, 2020. A platform that was used to officially introduce the WEF’s “great reset” agenda. An agenda that seeks to consolidate the economic and political power in the world into the hands of the WEF and its partners.

To achieve this, the WEF and JP Morgan want to force the world population onto the digital money grid. In come digital currencies, out goes all cash money. IF they succeed!

Clearly, JP Morgan financing the new Super League is a strategic move, in order to 1) roll out its own “coin” and 2) advance the WEF’s takeover of the world economy, with JP Morgan as one of its main financiers.

It has nothing to do with football, or soccer. It’s all about control over every aspect of your life, including your life if you’re a football fan.