The 2025 Cyber Pandemic, SCADA and CMMC

KOEN JACOBS, – As it was the case with 9/11 (USA, 2001) and 3/11 (Japan, 2011), also the coming cyber pandemic (plandemic) will be allowed to happen because it too has been planned a very long time in advance, by people who have control over the U.S. government system.

For 9/11 there are literally piles of evidence that clearly prove the U.S government’s involvement in the planning and execution of the attacks.

For 3/11 there is clear evidence that the USGS, a U.S government agency, is involved in the coverup of the attacks on Fukushima.

For both, I don’t need to repeat all of the facts, evidence and proof. By now, everyone should already be knowledgeable about both events and the details.

For the 2025 cyber or digital pandemic we can already identify at least one U.S. government agency, or office, that is already playing a key role in the roll out and enabling of the cyber attacks. Although the FBI has also already revealed, intentionally or not, that it will play a role in the series of events (Christopher Wray, Director Federal Bureau of Investigation: “World Economic Forum, Annual Meeting on Cybersecurity 2020: Enabling the Great Reset“).

Perhaps since the very first draft notes for the cyber plandemic were written, the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition and Sustainment (OUSD(A&S)) has been involved in the enabling of the 2025 cyber pandemic.

We know this for a fact because the OUSD is the agency that is responsible for the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC).

“Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification is a program initiated by the United States Department of Defense (DoD) in order to measure their defense contractors’ capabilities, readiness, and sophistication in the area of cybersecurity. At a high level, the framework is a collection of processes, other frameworks, and inputs from existing cybersecurity standards such as NIST, FAR, and DFARS.

At a tactical level, the primary goal of the certification is to improve the surety and security of Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) and Federal Contract Information (FCI) that is in the possession and use of their federal contractors. The CMMC program was announced on January 31, 2020.” – Varonis

It just happens to be so that, currently, the OUSD its CMMC provides ample opportunities for the masterminds of this cyber plandemic to 1) have access to systems intel, especially SCADA systems intel and 2) contractor intel. Which is what CMMC is supposed to prevent.

“SCADA Missing from Cyber Certification Regime” (National Defense Magazine)

“[CMMC] has been criticized by industry leaders for lacking clarity related to Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) networks, which are found in utility systems and other critical infrastructure. This lack of clarity could lead to defense industrial base susceptibility to bad actors.

SCADA enables the direct interaction between devices to monitor and process data in real time at local and remote sites. These control systems are essential for establishing efficiency, making better decisions, and establishing communication between systems to increase reliability for critical infrastructure like electricity, water, telecommunications, and even space station systems.

Defense industry trade associations, other defense industry leaders, and technology firms have issued several recommendations to ensure that the standards required by CMMC do not introduce new risks for SCADA and other defense systems. A multi-association letter, which included the Information Technology Industry Council, Computing Technology Industry Association and others, recently explained that they “encourage DoD to work with providers of these systems … to develop and apply appropriate methods for verifying and certifying alternate controls and their implementation.”

Without such appropriate methods for certifying alternate controls at a consistent pace with the dramatic shift toward digital control, modernized SCADA systems within the defense industrial base are at increased risk of attack.”

In other words, with the current CMMC system being wide open for SCADA-based attacks (and coverups), all one would really need is a Stuxnet-like virus to take control over utility infrastructures in the United States, and therefore around the world since many of such infrastructures operate identically.

We’ve all seen what Stuxnet, or a Stuxnet-like virus, has caused in Fukushima. Let’s not allow this to happen on a global scale with, by the way, the full support of the World Economic Forum which has been scripting the cyber plandemic narrative at least since 2020.