Neo-Nazi EU to Enforce “Digital Green Certificate”

KOEN JACOBS, – In Nazi Germany jews were violently forced by the Hitler government to carry a yellow Star of David on their chest, so everyone could see who was a jew and who was not.

By June of this year, the communitarian EU ‘government’ (not my government, I can assure you that!) wants to forcefully impose its ‘vaccine passport’ or “digital green certificate,” so everyone with the appropriate app can check whether or not a person has been injected with the COVID-19 poison.

If you don’t have that certificate you will, eventually, be treated like the jews in Nazi Germany.

Please, tell me. What is the difference here? Because I don’t see any difference, except for the fact that this time this whole process and reality will be digitized.

It’s obvious that communitarianism is pure evil and that we should get rid of it right here, right now!