This is the Next COVID Lie You’re Being Told: The Viruses “Evade Tests”

KOEN JACOBS, – According to “doctor” Catherine Schuster-Bruce, writing for Business Insider, new corona viruses are now ‘evading’ PCR and other tests.

“They may spread more easily, make people sicker, escape immune responses, evade tests, or render treatments ineffective, studies suggest.” – “doctor” Catherine Schuster-Bruce, April 17, 2021

To evade:to take refuge in escape or avoidance“, Merriam-Webster Dictionary.

Folks, viruses don’t evade tests. They never have and they never will. That’s not how viruses exist.

They really are desperate because nearly no one believes their COVID propaganda anymore, and this latest medical deception and lie proves this all by itself.

Why would they have to invent this new lie to fool you if COVID was actually as deadly as they claim it is?

Here’s another thing you should know… about this “doctor”.

Catherine Schuster-Bruce

Catherine Schuster-Bruce is in fact a glorified “health reporter” who has only 4 years experience as a “doctor.” FOUR YEARS! How is she qualified for any of this? I bet she doesn’t even know that most of these vaccines contain squalene and what squalene causes once it’s injected into people’s bodies.

“Catherine is the UK healthcare reporter for Insider.

She won Best TV Documentary BJTC award in 2020.

Catherine is a medical doctor, working in the NHS for over four years.


Catherine covers European healthcare closely tracking COVID-19 vaccines and variants.

She also covers start-ups and digital health – anything in the UK/Europe that is set to make ripples worldwide.”