Behind the Face Mask Lurks Anthony Fauci, the Communitarian Immunologist Who Wants to Take Away Your Guns

KOEN JACOBS, – What do a corona virus and guns have in common? Two things: Anthony Fauci’s belief that both are a public health emergency, and the communitarian doctrine which demands that only a massive, centralized world government can keep the public healthy and secure (both are dangerously untrue).

Far-fetched? Think again.

Fauci actually said this on April 18: “How can you say that [gun violence] is not a public health issue?”

This is not surprising because Fauci is a full-blooded communitarian.

Also Biden and Obama see an ‘epidemic’ in everything that they can use to further divide the people, including gun violence in the U.S.

Never mind the fact that the U.S. government has been sending soldiers, private mercenaries and WEAPONS to foreign lands to kill people deliberately, for decades. Because, well… oil, minerals, gold, opium, cocaine and… imperialism.

Like Obama and Biden, Fauci too is part of the communitarian movement that wants to see humanity enslaved and under the full control of a communitarian world government.

There’s a very specific reason why they keep using the words pandemic and epidemic for all kinds of situations. Because they are witnessing, firsthand, that populations now can be controlled and kept in fear indefinitely (thanks to the mainstream media their lethal COVID-19 propaganda), simply by attaching those two words to anything that may sound scary enough for some people to give up their natural and legal rights.

That’s what communitarianism is all about. It’s been the movement’s plan all along to merge communism (gun control and “you will own nothing and you will be happy”), environmentalism (the UN’s “Green Helmets”) and capitalism (the winner takes it all).

In order for the Davos cult, the Brussels sect, the Tel Aviv cabal, the Moscow oligarchs, the Beijing syndicate and the D.C. cryptos to carve out their piece of the new power structure that is supposed to exist by 2030.

That’s why we see apparatchiks like Fauci in the news all of the time. They need clowns like that to bring about their ‘new normal’ society. He plays along because he was promised a leading position in the new world’s priesthood. Likely with its new temple in Jerusalem.

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