Flashback: Coronavirus: Fake Resistance Pushing for MORE Lockdowns

KOEN JACOBS, ITNT.news (March 16, 2020) – To no one in the true Resistance their surprise, the Infowars truth racket is now siding with the other monostream media outlets as they call for stricter containment measures.

“The British government STILL has not advised against mass gatherings despite virtually every other government in the world having done so,” Steve Watson wrote for Infowars and Summit News (“Piers Morgan Blasts Stupidity Of British People Still Going To Concerts, Marathons”). Implying that the governments’ power grabs are a good thing during these historic information wars, which are also enabling the rise of new tyrannies. The Danish parliament, for instance, just adopted a new law that gives them the power to forcefully vaccinate people. Allegedly to stop the coronavirus outbreak. 

The fake resistance is clearly buying the scripted fearmongering propaganda that the de facto world government has been handing out during the past 2 months. Even though there’s nothing special about this coronavirus (aside from it being a weak bioweapon) (updated June 10, 2021).

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