Flashback: Coronavirus INSANITY: 11,000 Belgians Are BEGGING to Take Away Their Freedom and Natural Rights

ITNT.news (March 18, 2020) – The world is in a state of pure insanity. People are BEGGING to have their freedom and natural rights taken away over a virus outbreak that is as serious as the seasonal flu (if at all, once all the real data will be revealed!).

In Belgium, Europe 11,000 citizens have signed a petition that urges the Belgian government to lock down the entire country.

Only a complete lockdown will eradicate the virus“, the petition reads. “We will all have to pay a price, also the government.”

This is how far we have come, or how low we have dropped, as a society. All the freedoms and rights that have been fought for for so very long. All gone at the request of uninformed individuals who are the victim of the monostream media their fearmongering.

The reality is that such people are part of the problem now. It is because of such people that the Resistance has a hard time spreading the crucial information that we have. Information that can END this madness.

Instead of even trying to look at the proof that we have gathered people have chosen to submit to the control grid that will eventually CRUSH them and their families.

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