Communitarian Death Cult: “Time to Ditch Unvaccinated Friends” – Recently, on Good Morning Britain, Nick Hewer, a TV personality and public relations consultant, insinuated that vaccinated people should ditch their unvaccinated friends.

Further stating that “everyone is being rather dramatic about friendships being ruined. We’re all sensible people, all we need to do is have a care for the general good. Why aren’t we all sensible, take precautions and persuade each other to have the [vaccine]. There are other people, who might be concerned about blood clots and the rest of that, we understand that so let’s just persuade everyone to look at the facts, not run away with all this sort of entitlement, ‘I’ve got my rights, I don’t have to have the vaccination, you’re not telling me.’ Just be persuaded to do the right thing for the common good, for heaven’s sake.

This is exactly how the communitarian cult operates. Throw everything and everyone on one big pile and let the technocrats decide what’s best for ‘the community’ or ‘the common good’.

As Hewer’s statements prove, in a communitarian society, there’s no place for individual liberties and rights.

To this death cult, it doesn’t matter that people suffer from blood clots “and the rest of that” (including targeted  attacks on women their nervous system), or that the Western Australian government has deemed the COVID ‘vaccines’ “poison“. ‘Just take the poison and shut the f#ck up, pesky peasants‘.

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