Cloudflare is ‘1984’

KOEN JACOBS, –  Most admins and owners of alternative news websites don’t know this, but Cloudflare does not just ‘protect’ you against  DDOS attacks, they also sabotage your website. Especially when your content is super anti-mainstream narratives. They’ll tell visitors that your website is offline, while it’s not! Not only that, they also track the IPs of your visitors, and it all goes into the big data beast system.

I have had highly controversial websites since 2011, of which is one, and I’ve NEVER used anything like Cloudflare because I’ve always been very much aware of Cloudflare and similar services.

Companies like Cloudflare are part of the control system, they are not your friend when you want to present hardcore truths to your readers.

This fact is known very well by the real resistance, which is why you will NEVER see anything like Cloudflare at real resistance websites.

The truth is that DDOS attacks are the price you have to pay. It’s as simple as that.

If you use Cloudflare or anything like it, get rid of it NOW.

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