Fauci Emails Reveal NOTHING

KOEN JACOBS, ITNT.news – It’s amazing how most of the alternative media is now praising the mainstream media’s coverage of the Fauci emails. All the while those emails reveal NOTHING.

Remember, just a week ago those same alternative media outlets were telling you to hate the mainstream media because they have been lying to you about SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19.

This is yet another example of the monostream media actually being real.

Here are some ‘alternative media’ headlines about those emails:

  • Tucker Carlson Eviscerates Fauci After Email Release” (my comment: No he didn’t)
  • The Jaw Dropping Fauci Emails” (my comment: No they aren’t)

What do those emails reveal for which we didn’t already have evidence or proof? NOTHING!

In fact, those emails are highly redacted so that all the good stuff is still kept secret.

We speak of a monostream media because once again the mainstream and the alternative media have merged. Just like they did in 2015 when both sides published identical stories about the alleged ISIS training camp in Mexico. The training camp never existed, yet both media blocs tried to convince you that the camp did exist.

For months now, I’m waiting for the biggest ‘alternative’ media outlets to report about the Western Australia government document titled “Authorisation to Supply or Administer a Poison [SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) Vaccine (No. 1) 2021“. Until this very day… … crickets!

I am still waiting for those same ‘alternative media’ outlets to expose the communitarian movement and its decades-old agendas.

I am still waiting for those same ‘alternative media’ outlets to pick up the real-world narrative about the 3rd world war having started on March 11, 2020.

I am still waiting for those same ‘alternative media’ outlets to tell their audiences that the COVID ‘vaccines’ (bioweapons) were developed by the zionist cult.

The same zionist cult that has been following these 9 stages of genocide. A genocide in which Rita Katz, the Mossad asset, is actively involved.

Not one word in the monostream media about these core truths concerning this new world war.

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