I Do Not Negotiate with COVID Terrorists

KOEN JACOBS, ITNT.news – My self-determination – my ability and right to make choices and manage my own life – is nonnegotiable. I do not, and will not, negotiate with any of the COVID terrorists. Under any circumstances!

  • I will not let anyone inject any poisonous COVID vaccine into my body in exchange for limited freedom.
  • I will not let any vaccination passport, wearables or implants limit my natural right to travel or participate in society freely.
  • I will not surrender to or kneel before a communitarian world government, or any of its public or private agents.
  • I will not stop exposing all those who are, or have been, involved in the March 11, 2020 global “lockdown” war campaign, even if this “lockdown” is lifted partially or completely.
  • I will not stop telling people that the COVID ‘vaccines’ are “bioweapons“.
  • I will not stop informing people about the fact that the governments of Belgium and The Netherlands have committed a democide in 2020.

I do accept the invitation to fight in world war 3, which was started by the communitarian movement on March 11, 2020, through its United Nations system and its World Economic Forum.

I do pledge allegiance to the truth, and to do everything within my abilities to bring all world war 3 criminals to justice.

These are my terms and none are negotiable.

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