EU Vaccination Passport Program Was Launched in 2018

KOEN JACOBS, – The EU crime syndicate has been preparing a medical tyranny since at least 2018, this EU document shows, which is part of “Horizon 2020“. Again we see that the COVID-19 war campaign is exactly that, a war campaign. Not against a virus, but against the free people of Europe and the rest of the world.

EU, 2018:Guidance on electronic immunization information systems: handbook to help countries upgrading current EIIS systems in place or set up new ones where these are not in place yet.

Electronic immunization information systems” are exactly what the EU’s vaccination passports are. And they themselves call it “vaccination passports”.

Designing and implementing an immunisation information system Stockholm: ECDC; 2018

“A handbook for those involved in the design, implementation or management of immunisation information systems”

“This report was commissioned by the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC)”

“ECDC would like to especially acknowledge the invaluable input received from Sigrun Kongsrud (Norwegian Institute of Public Health and Environment, Oslo) and Rebecca Coyle (American Immunization Registry Association, Washington, DC) in guiding the development of this document.”

EU, Q3 (July, August, September) 2019:Examine the feasibility of establishing, by 2020, guidelines for a core EU vaccination schedule taking into account WHO recommendations for routine immunisation.

From Seattle in 1999, when Niki Rapaana stumbled upon a communitarian paper trail, all the way to the World Economic Forum’s COVID-19 Action Platform and the EU’s “common vaccination card/passport for EU citizens” (was originally planned for 2022), all of it shows that the 2020 global “lockdown” had been planned all along, a very long time ago. Even before 1999.

“Communitarian law is global law. Community law enforces equitable distribution of wealth (property). It will be fully implemented by 2020, and it’s also called Region 2020. HUD’s mapping database was called Community 2020.” – Niki Rapaana, April 2003

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