Niki Rapaana: “There Are No Coincidences in Covidian Communitarian Ideology”

NIKI RAPAANA – Here’s where the role of communitarianism directly affects the pandemic mentality. In 2006 the players were writing the new medical ethics playbook in anticipation of Covid, by eliminating individual protections from invasive medical experiments. It’s no coincidence that the author of this paper is married to Fauci. There are no coincidences in Covidian Communitarian ideology.

The community partnership paradigm rejects professional paternalism as a protection because the responsibilities and privileges of the researcher occur only within a wider social framework. The community partnership paradigm recognizes that risks and benefits both during and after research are best evaluated by involved communities. In addition, this paradigm deemphasizes individual autonomy and the protections of individual informed consent. Importantly, it does not reject them but places them into a wider context of protections that need to be satisfied prior to seeking the consent of individuals. In this way community partnership is based on a more communitarian model and less on an individual rights model.” – Special Section: Open Forum / Four Paradigms of Clinical Research and Research Oversight, by EZEKIEL J. EMANUEL (Another Israeli Communitarian) and CHRISTINE GRADY (wife of Covidian guru Anthony Fauci).

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