Italian Port Workers Are Blocking Weapons Cargo Bound for Israel

KOEN JACOBS, – Union workers in the Italian cities of Livorno and Naples declared on May 14 that they would not be assisting in the loading of an arms shipment headed to the Israeli port of Ashdod, citing Israel’s continued air strikes against the Gaza Strip.

In a recent statement issued by Unione Sindacale di Base (USB), one of Italy’s unions, it is stated that USB had received information that the Asiatic Island, a Singapore-flagged cargo vessel, was carrying “containers loaded with weapons and explosives” destined for Ashdod.

Unione Sindacale di Base:

The Port of Livorno is not complicit in the massacre against the Palestinian population: no to the transit of the weapons ship in our port

This afternoon the Asiatic Island ship will arrive in the port of Livorno. Thanks to the report of the Autonomous Port Workers Collective of Genoa and the WeaponWhath association, we know that inside there are containers loaded with weapons and explosives headed for the Israeli port of Ashdod. Weapons and explosives that will be used to kill the Palestinian population, already hit by a severe attack this very night which caused hundreds of victims among the civilian population, including many children.

We do not yet know if containers of weapons and explosives will also be loaded in our port but it certainly would not be the first time this happens. Through unionized dock workers we are trying to gather information to that effect. Just yesterday we received a report about the presence, at the Molo Italia, of dozens of armored military vehicles ready to be boarded.

In addition to the issue of war, there is also an objective security problem for the workers and the population. In this sense, we have sent urgent reports to the Port Authority, the Harbor Master’s Office and the Occupational Medicine ASL so that they can immediately carry out the appropriate checks.

Unione Sindacale di Base will also be in the streets tomorrow in Livorno in solidarity with the Palestinian population and to demand an immediate stop to the bombing of Gaza and a stop to the “expropriation” of Palestinian homes that have lived under military occupation for years.

At the same time, we launched an awareness campaign with Livorno port workers so that the courageous example that comes from the Port of Genoa can also be re-proposed on our territory. Work is important, especially in these times, but this cannot make us close our eyes, or worse still, make us complicit in the continuing massacres of the civilian population.

On Monday, SiCobas, an other union, blasted the transit of any weapons through Italian ports heading toward Israel:

Naples dockers against the genocide of the Palestinian people

Naples dockers belonging to the SiCobas union join the struggle against the transit of weapons through our ports.

These weapons help feed wars and profits against the Palestinian people that has suffered for decades a ruthless repression by the state of Israel.

In the last few weeks this repression led to some Arab families being evicted from their homes in East Jerusalem and to the bombing of Gaza, with hundreds of people killed, including tens of children.

This was in response to the revolts erupted in all occupied territories.

We are unconditionally on the side of the Palestinian people, against the occupation and the Zionist aggression on Gaza.

We denounce the complicity of the Italian government and almost all parliamentary forces with the Israeli aggression.

We denounce the Italian state’s silent approval of the transit of Israeli war weaponry through our ports.

Our hands won’t get covered in blood to support your wars.

This is exactly the kind of actions that are needed to stop the further escalation of war, and not just in Palestine.

Part of the great communitarian reset is the disruption of the supply chains for the free world, but this same tactic can also be used by the free world, against the communitarian cult. If they disrupt our food supply, globally, we can disrupt their war machine just as easily.

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