At Walmart, a Successful COVID-19 ‘Vaccine’ Poisoning is Worth $75

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KOEN JACOBS, – “Integrity is one of our core values, and we trust that associates will respect that principle,” John Furner, Walmart CEO, wrote in a recent memo.

The nerve these people have to rape language like this, without giving it any second thoughts.

In the memo, titled “Two new reasons to get vaccinated!“, Furner tells Walmart’s field associates that they can get a $75 “cash bonus” if they get fully ‘vaccinated’ with a ‘COVID-19 vaccine’. He also wrote that ‘vaccinated’ associates no longer have to wear a face mask.

There’s not one study out there that has proven the effectiveness of face masks during an epidemic or pandemic. Not one.

It is also impossible that Furner, as the CEO of Walmart who has access to high level intel, is not aware of the fact that those ‘vaccines’ are “poison“. As also this Western Australia government document states, literally.

What “integrity” is he talking about?

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