“Mandatory” Queensland COVID Check-in App for Hospitality Venues

KOEN JACOBS, ITNT.news – In March 2020, all governments said the ‘measures’ would only last for 2 weeks. 14 months later those same governments keep adding control grid infrastructure that has nothing to do with stopping any kind of ‘outbreak’.

Actually, there is one kind of outbreak that they try to prevent with this beast system. An outbreak of full awareness. Awareness about the fact that the COVID-19 magic trick, in reality, is a war campaign against the free and sane people in this world.

In Europe, corrupt government officials are trying to rush through a COVID-21 passport, while in Queensland they already have a COVID check-in app for bars and restaurants.

Failure to comply with ‘public health’ directions, concerning the app, can lead to a $13,345 fine or six months imprisonment.

Please explain to me how this is not Orwell’s 1984 society.


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