US Space Force Commander Discovers Communitarian Takeover of the Military

KOEN JACOBS, – Lt. Col. Matthew Lohmeier, Commander at the 11th Space Warning Squadron at Buckley Air Force Base, Colorado has been removed from his leadership role following an interview with military veteran L. Todd Wood, for Information Operation, in which he claimed that marxist ideologies, such as critical race theory, are undermining the US military. You can view the May 7 interview below.

Lohmeier was interviewed about his self-published bookIrresistible Revolution, Marxism’s Goal of Conquest & the Unmaking of the American Military“, in which he questions the direction the Pentagon has chosen, by introducing and advocating far-left doctrines that in reality have detrimental effects on the US military.

What Lohmeier stumbled upon as a Commander, including printed material provided by the Pentagon and intended for internal use, is in fact clear evidence of the communitarian movement trying to coopt and destroy the US military from within. In order to advance its own agendas.

Understandably, since such doctrines are communist in nature, Lohmeier assumes that this is under strong influence of the Chinese Communist Party.

However, communitarianism is more than just communism, as I have explained several times already at Perhaps, Lohmeier is not yet aware of the communitarian movement and what it has been trying to achieve for several decades, since the 1980s.

Nonetheless, Lohmeier’s account is of great value because it allows us to get a different perspective on the communitarian takeover, from within the US military.

Lohmeier’s interview on the Bill Meyer Show:

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