Social Media Accuses Israel of Using Chemical Weapons

Koen Jacobs, editor’s note: This report is archived under “world war 3” at because we have been following the Israeli government and military their actions during the past weeks. They are trying to hide their barrage of terrorist attacks against Palestine. The Israeli government and military are using the so-called “COVID-19 pandemic” and ‘vaccination’ campaigns as a cover because the country is in complete chaos now anyway. These war crimes must be condemned by the international community. And I’ll add this: I bet the Palestinians are largely aware of the fact that these ‘vaccines’ are “poison” (if not based on data, then certainly based on religious beliefs and teachings) so the Israeli government decided that they’ll just use conventional war methods to destroy what is left of Palestine.

TELESUR – Hundreds of social media users warned via Twitter that Israel’s Defense Ministry (IDF) had used the highly toxic white phosphorus in Gaza. The IDF denied the claim, but experts say that such a deadly chemical is a part of Israel´s arsenal.

Several accusations of the use of chemical weapons by Israel against Gaza residents appeared on social media on Thursday, as some media outlets quote Palestinian officials confirming the information.

According to Cuban news agency Prensa Latina, “Israel fired poisonous gas rockets against Gaza, an official Palestinian source confirmed.” This gas allegedly caused “an undetermined number of people dead asphyxiated by the chemicals,” and were admitted to the Al-Shifa Medical Complex, reported the Palestinian areas agency WAFA.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu pledged there will be more violence in the coming days, as ground troops are being deployed at the border with Gaza. According to the Palestine Health Minister, as of Thursday, the bombing has killed at least 69 people including 17 children.

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