Fries, Burgers and the COVID “Poison”. The Insanity Won’t Stop Until People Realize What’s Really Going On.

KOEN JACOBS, – Ask yourself this. Why are they trying so hard to get everyone poisoned with the COVID ‘vaccines’? Why is NY mayor Bill de Blasio now trying to persuade New Yorkers to get ‘vaccinated’ by offering them “free fries and a burger”?

I’ll tell you why. Because the COVID ‘vaccines’ are not vaccines. They are poison and only fools want this injected into their bodies.

This is exactly what the 21st century dystopia looks like. You’re witnessing it this very moment.

World war 3 is not about terminator robots and nukes. It’s about completely destroying your sanity and your human self.

This is what the great communitarian reset looks like, and it’s disgusting!

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