A World War 3 Message for the WEF, UN, BIS, Big Pharma, Mainstream Media, Hostile Politicians and Governments

KOEN JACOBS, ITNT.news – Ladies and gentlemen of the would-be, never-gonna-be communitarian world government. On March 11, 2020 you started a war with the free and sane people of this planet. You have started world war 3. I, for one, acknowledge your declaration of war and I accept this challenge to go toe to toe with all of you. Until. The. End.

This time, however, we the free people of the world are in control of the narrative. We are writing the history books for the future generations. Not you, not your silly newspapers, not your coopted scientists, nor your mouthpieces in government.

On March 11, 2020, you declared war on the sanity and the human self of the people. Now be ready to go all the way. Prepare yourself to lose this war, because you will.

This war will only end when we the free people of the world decide it’s over. Not you.

Don’t entertain for a second the thought that by opening up the entire world economy in 2024 this war will be over, because it won’t. You will pay the price for destroying people’s lives, for killing people with your lockdowns, for experimenting with your “poison” on the entire human population and for traumatizing multiple generations.

You are not dumb, you know that you can’t and won’t win this war. But it still has to dawn on you that this will actually be the way that this will end. When we say so. When we decide that you have paid the price for your heinous crimes.

Prepare yourself to live in fear, prepare yourself for a society where you will have to look over your shoulder every single second of your remaining days on this planet.

Hopefully you don’t die at the hands of some lone wolf, hopefully we can put you on public display for the remainder of your lives, until the last piece of flesh has rotten away from your filthy corpses.

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