World War 3 Could Actually Be the War That Ends All Wars

KOEN JACOBS, – We are witnessing the buildup of world war 3. It’s a world war because people in all countries are being attacked and killed by both foreign and domestic enemies, which is explained here and here.

The biggest difference between this war and all other wars is that we, the Resistance, the free and sane people of the world, now have a chance to stay in control of the narrative and the history books. Even long before the mainstream media will ever mention the ‘official’ start of the 3rd world war (which they may never do when we stay in control of the narrative).

This war is nothing like the 1st and 2nd world war. The 3rd world war is a fusion and confusion war. This war is being fought on ALL levels and in every possible way one can imagine a war being fought.

This war is an information war, first. It’s about influencing and controlling the minds of the entire world population.

The reason why this war can be the war that ends all wars is because now people everywhere on the planet can actually educate themselves about every aspect of this war and the entire history that came before this war.

The level of awareness, of consciousness, that can now be achieved is unique in every way. Never before have we been this connected, have we had access to this much information and knowledge.

From the endless oppression of the Palestinians by the Israeli government, to 9/11 (USA, 2001), 3/11 (Japan, 2011) and March 11, 2020 (the global “lockdown”), everyone now has the ability to connect all the dots. All the information and knowledge are at anyone’s disposal.

This war can end all wars because this time the oppressed can write the history books for future generations. When we succeed (and we will), future generations will have all the knowledge they need to prevent a next world war.

Everything is known, the collaborations, the conspiracies, the blackmailing, the corruption, the lies, the deceptions. All of it. It’s staring us all in the face. Right now.

This is our time. This is our victory. This is world war 3. The war that can end all wars.

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