Hardcore Indoctrination at the L.A. Unified School District

KOEN JACOBS, ITNT.news – During every war, the oppressor will launch extensive and hostile indoctrination campaigns in order to brainwash a population, so it would accept and find ‘normal’ the alternative reality, a hyper or pseudo reality, wherein the oppressor demands that even the most basic rights are relinquished (are given up voluntarily).

For an oppressor, brainwashing and traumatizing children is always the preferred method because traumatized children will eventually become traumatized adults, who then will create a traumatized society. A society that is easily manipulated into the most inhumane existence.

That’s what we see happening right now, as the buildup of world war 3 continues at full speed.

At the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) they have teamed up with Microsoft for the rollout of a “daily pass”, which enables schools to track children and parents in the COVID control grid.

Below you can see the videos that LAUSD and Microsoft are using to traumatize both children and parents, as they proudly present their “daily pass” system.

Many people will not understand that this is one of the most advanced forms of hostile indoctrination, and you can’t really blame them. Unless they have studied the communitarian movement that is responsible for the medical tyranny that we are living under today, since March 11, 2020.


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