Bette Midler, Openly a Member of the Communitarian Death Cult

KOEN JACOBS, – I’ve said it many times already. The communitarian movement is a mainstream death cult. We can see that by the way they’ve been killing people with their COVID “lockdowns” around the world. Not only that, the way they are pushing the COVID “poison” should remind everyone of the eugenics era.

So here we have Bette Midler, once an actress one could admire.

But no more, once you understand how her recent tweet perfectly fits into the communitarian doctrine. A doctrine that says it’s OK to destroy entire national economies, without even being able to prove there’s an actual pandemic taking place.

This is the society we’re being force-fed right now, a mix of Orwell’s 1984 and the Hunger Games. Where a hyper-dystopia is being promoted by celebrities.

‘Either inject your kid with poison or see him dying from a food allergy I’ll gladly trigger myself.’

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