World War 3: Here’s How We Know It’s Happening… Right NOW

KOEN JACOBS, – In the history books of local and international freedom alliances and collectives, March 11, 2020 will mark the beginning of the 3rd world war. Depending on the success of their campaigns, those alliances and collectives may also be able to make their history books the official and mainstream archives of this war, wherein the true stories of this war are preserved for future generations. It must be one of their, your and my main goals to achieve this.


How Do We Know This is World War 3?

On March 11, 2020 most of the free societies in the world were put on “lockdown” by their governments, allegedly to fight a SARS-CoV-2 outbreak. Most of the constitutionally protected and guaranteed rights were taken away by governments that either surrender(ed) to or collaborate(d) with the medical dictatorship, or medical tyranny, that was installed by the United Nations System (UN).

The outbreak, declared a “pandemic” by the WHO on March 11, was, and is, based on lies. Which is typical for a war. All wars are based on lies.

The entire COVID-19 paradigm is based on polymerase chain reaction, or PCR, results. Results that are scientifically meaningless when trying to assess individual “infections” and the extent of an epidemic or a pandemic. We know this for a fact because statements by the inventor of PCR, Kary Banks Mullis, in 1997 confirmed this.

A world war means that a lot of countries are at war with each other.

Today that is the actual situation. A lot of countries are at war with each other, but the stage where conventional warfare methods are used is not yet fully reached (and hopefully we won’t!).

The government of the United States of America is openly at war with the government of China. They have been for decades but mostly this concerned economic war campaigns. This time they are at war over SARS-CoV-2. Each side is blaming the other for creating SARS-CoV-2.

U.S. State Department: Chinese Military Scientists Discussed Weaponizing SARS Coronaviruses

Chinese government: Coronavirus was created in an American lab, US-created vaccine is killing the elderly

This means that it is no longer being denied that SARS-CoV-2 was created by someone for a specific reason. Who that person is or who those persons are, we will find out eventually.

When you investigate what both sides are actually saying, you’ll see that each side is, basically, saying that the other side released SARS-CoV-2 as part of a war campaign.

This means that the story about bats at a wet market in China is also a lie. Just like the lies that are based on the misuse of PCR results (without the PCR results we don’t have an actual “pandemic” – at all).

Most of the rest of the world is now trying to figure out what side they are going to take, the U.S. or China.

Based on treaties under NATO, most of Europe is obligated to side with the U.S. Of course, such treaties become meaningless in the event it is revealed that the U.S. created SARS-CoV-2. However, since the Wuhan lab is a cooperation between the U.S. government and the Chinese government, both are to blame in the event it is revealed that the Wuhan lab was the origin of the ‘outbreak’. Which is why both are trying to shift the blame onto each other.

Eventually, one side will win this narrative war, if even briefly. This will cause the breakup of old alliances and the formation of new ones.


Fusion Warfare

World war 3 is not (yet) being fought with conventional warfare methods, although information warfare obviously is at the center right now. Which was, by the way, the same during every other war ever fought on this planet, for the entirety of those wars. This will not be any different in this war.

Hopefully it won’t, but the possibility is real that conventional warfare methods will catch up with the other methods that are being used during this stage of fusion warfare.

It’s fusion warfare because citizens are being attacked in different ways, in ways that most people have yet to recognize or understand.

Here’s how all of us are being attacked, mentally and physically, right now. Regardless of where you live (which is why this is a world war):

  1. By foreign/domestic enemies, with a lab-made virus (or multiple, potentially).
  2. By foreign/domestic enemies, with misinformation and disinformation that is deliberately being disseminated by governments, the mainstream media, the UN and the World Economic Forum (WEF).
  3. By our governments who violently oppress us as they seek the enforcement of “lockdowns”.
  4. With ‘vaccines’, by COVID-19 vaccine manufacturers, the UN and our governments. ‘Vaccines’ that are “poison” according to the Western Australian government. ‘Vaccines’ that mainly target (attack) girls and women their reproductive system. Which is an attack on humanity as a whole.
  5. By the WEF (foreign/domestic enemies), by eliminating our livelihoods, our wealth and our natural rights to thrive, to be free and to be natural humans.

When they think about world war 3, most people think about highly advanced jet fighters, exotic bombs and AI-steered killer robots. All of this can potentially be deployed against humanity but that is 1) a stage we cannot allow to be reached and 2) only after everything else has been deployed.

Long before all of this could get deployed, the fusion warfare methods will first include one or more information warfare campaigns that will talk about one or more other viruses and/or diseases. Highly likely COVID-21. Which will again be based on lies, misinformation and disinformation coming from the mainstream media, the UN and governments.

This fusion warfare will also highly likely include, unless we prevent it together, attacks on our utility infrastructures. The WEF and the mainstream media are, at this very moment, writing the narratives for this in preparation for their next war campaigns against all of us:



The Communitarian Conspiracy

As in every war, there are certain belief systems that are at the very core. Today this is not any different.

The world war of our time is a war based on fusion warfare… and confusion warfare.

The plan of our enemies is not to completely destroy each other. The U.S. government has no real interest in erasing China from the planet. Nor has Israel any interest in erasing Iran. They need each other because they need an eternal enemy that you are supposed to hate.

Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson and others have no interest in erasing humans completely because they want to sell ‘vaccines’ and pills.

And so, today, corporate environmentalists, such as Al Gore and Klaus Schwab, have no interest in getting rid of capitalism because without money and assets they have no leverage.

The same is true for communists, such as the Chinese government (and the Biden Administration in the U.S.). They too need capitalism to have a chance at staying in power. No money, no power.

And that’s exactly what the communitarian doctrine is all about. It’s what’s at the heart of confusion warfare in world war 3.

We are led to believe that the WEF’s “Great Reset” is about ‘green’ sustainability, in reality this is a ‘great communitarian reset’. It’s about merging capitalism, communism and environmentalism. Not in favor of the planet, the birds and the bees. But for the sole purpose of consolidating power in fewer hands.

The fact that you likely lost your job in 2020 is not because someone at the UN or the WEF is creating a ‘green’ job for you. It’s because the local store where you worked was competition for Walmart and Amazon.

That local store gave you and the owner a chance to be free, a chance to have a livelihood that can support your and his or her dreams in life. It made you independent from the government.

In a communitarian society that’s not allowed because you have to be dependent on the government. You are supposed to obey every government dictate in return for ‘favors’, such as the ‘privilege’ to travel somewhere or to think in a certain way. It’s capitalism and communism at the the same time, hence communitarianism.

It may seem confusing (it isn’t actually) and that’s exactly the idea. That’s how they want you to feel, confused and attacked from all sides, on every level.

So, why is this a conspiracy?

Because the U.S government, the Chinese government and many others know that their common goal is to install a communitarian world government. Which is exactly what we see them try (try) to accomplish by or before 2030.

Ask yourself. What will losing your job or business in 2020 contribute to stopping the spread of SARS-CoV-2? Nothing! Of course. Yet it happened and it didn’t help to stop ‘the virus’ in any way – at all.

Guess who’s making more money now than ever before? Right, the ‘vaccine’ manufacturers and all other members of the World Economic Forum.

Who is manipulating your government into supporting the “great reset” and the “build back better” campaign? Right the WEF.

Who has been lying to you since at least March 11, 2020 about ‘the virus’? Right, the UN.

Guess what the WEF’s “2030 Vision” is all about: providing “a focal point for the mobilisation of a more concerted and cooperative effort to apply advanced technologies to achieve the UN [2030] Global Goals.

The mobilisation” of efforts. Sounds familiar. Right? Of course it does. That’s what the WEF’s COVID-19 Action Platform was all about. It was the launch of the “great reset” campaign. Which was launched on the very same day, March 11, 2020, the UN declared a “COVID-19 pandemic.”

How could the WEF possibly come up with a complete agenda in such a short time? Because all of this that you have seen and witnessed so far since March 11, 2020 has been planned for a very long time.


Planet Earth, Planet Tyranny

And this brings us to the bottom line.

Orwell’s 1984 has become reality. In every single way one can possibly imagine. Literally everything in Orwell’s book has now come true. All of it. There’s nothing you can point to in the book that hasn’t already come true.

It’s no longer about “they want to track everyone”… They ARE tracking everyone. Both online and in the streets and the malls.

It’s no longer about ‘imagining’ “a boot stamping on a human face – forever“… The boot IS already stamping, and has been since March 11, 2020.

The communitarian cult, in the press headed by the U.S. government, the Chinese government, the EU, Amitai Etzioni, Klaus Schwab (WEF) and Bill Gates (WHO),  does not seek to conquer new territories or even destroy nations. Instead, the cult is engaged in continuous fusion and confusion warfare, in order to exhaust industrial resources of the free world and to purposely keep the standard of living low for everyone who’s willingly not plugged into the cult’s doctrine.

This is world war 3, and we need to end it right now.

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