Facebook Censors Report That Shows How Girls and Women Are Affected the Most and the Worst by the COVID Vaccines

KOEN JACOBS, ITNT.news – Yesterday, May 8, I published a report for the Belgian Extra-Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry COVID-19 (BOC-19/CEC-19) in which I show that girls and women in particular are the most and the worst affected by the COVID vaccine side effects.

In the report, I use statistics from EMA, the EU’s medicines agency, to show that the vaccines mainly affect the nervous system of girls and women. Which can have major negative consequences for their fertility and their baby.

Today, after sharing this report on Facebook, my account was blocked because the information in the report “violates” Facebook’s terms.

This is alarming, but not surprising of course, because the information is of great importance for public health. After all, girls and women have the right to know what the EMA statistics show.

Apparently Facebook doesn’t want girls and women to find out what I conclude in my report. Facebook does not want their female users to be able to properly inform themselves about the ‘vaccines’ and vaccine safety.

So it looks like I will lose my Facebook account very soon.

That is why it is important that you help me spread this and the following information from both ITNT.news and the Extra-Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry COVID-19.

Forward the reports of the Commission and the articles of ITNT.news to others via email so that you can work around the censors and still inform others.

We are really in a very dangerous information war that is far from reaching its peak.

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