Medical Tyranny: New York is Officially an Apartheid State

KOEN JACOBS, – During a televised statement, New York governor Andrew Cuomo said that for “vaccinated” baseball fans the New York Yankees and Mets stadiums can operate at “normal capacity” starting May 19. Whereas for “unvaccinated” fans the stadiums can only offer a 33% occupancy.

With it, Cuomo officially made the State of New York an apartheid state where vaccinated people are treated different than unvaccinated people.

This should not come as a surprise to anyone, since also Cuomo has been a mouthpiece for the UN and the WEF. As he too has been pushing the ‘great communitarian reset‘ narrative of the globalist crime syndicate.

The fact that both teams are also offering vaccinations at their venues, fans will be able to get ‘vaccinated’ before they enter the stadium, shows that none of the teams, nor Cuomo, are actually concerned about the health of their fans.

We know for a fact that the ‘COVID vaccines’ are not safe. The statistics of the EU’s EMA are showing how unsafe the ‘vaccines’ actually are.

Not only does the EMA not publicly register the vaccine associated  deaths, the EMA statistics also show that predominantly girls and women are suffering the most from these ‘vaccines.’ Especially their nervous system is under attack by the ‘vaccines’.

And then we are not even taking into account the fact that according to the Western Australia government those same ‘vaccines’ are “poison“.

In short, the apartheid in NY is based on the condition of you either being injected with a “poison” or not. Let that sink in, and tell me we’re not living in a tyranny.

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