COVID-Vaccinated People Can NOT Be Allowed to Donate Blood or Organs

KOEN JACOBS, – It is time that people realize that we are not simply dealing with “COVID vaccines.” We are dealing with experimental ‘vaccines’. Experimental ‘vaccines’ that the West Australian government believes are “poison” (“Public Health Act 2016 (WA) – Instrument of Authorisation – Authorisation to Supply or Administer a Poison [SARS-COV-2 (COVID-19) VACCINE – Australian Defence Force] (No.2) 2021″).

We also know that these ‘vaccines’ harm girls and women in up to 76% of the cases with adverse reactions, and their nervous system, which is all too often permanent harm.

It is therefore irresponsible and completely unsafe to allow COVID-vaccinated people to donate blood and organs to others. We don’t know enough about the short term and long term effects of these ‘vaccines’ on the human body.

We can not take the risk of COVID-vaccinated people, who have this “poison” in their bodies, their blood contaminating the supplies in blood banks around the world.

We can not take the risk of COVID-vaccinated people infecting or contaminating other people’s bodies with their donated organs, since they potentially have this “poison” in their organs.

Instead of COVID travel passports, perhaps we need special passports for those who are not allowed to donate blood and/or organs because they were injected with this “poison.”

After all, we need to guarantee the public’s health. Such contaminated blood and organs must therefore be banned from all blood banks and hospitals.

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