Also in the Netherlands, the March 2020 “Lockdown” CAUSED More Deaths (Just Like in Belgium)

KOEN JACOBS, – Although I have not yet found a mortality graph for the Netherlands similar to this one from Statbel in Belgium, it can, however, be shown that the Dutch government of Mark Rutte and its March 2020 “lockdown” are directly responsible for more dead citizens in the country.

On March 15, 2020, the Rutte administration implemented the unnecessary and illegal “lockdown” in the Netherlands: “Corona review March 15: the day the Netherlands was further locked down” (NOS).

March 15 was the last day of week 11 in 2020. On March 16 week 12 began.

On the graphs below from, the Central Bureau of Statistics, we can clearly see that right then the excess deaths increased sharply. Just as it was the case in Belgium with the “lockdown” of March 18, 2020.

Click image to enlarge

Here we see the number of deaths per week. It is now up to the people of the Netherlands to calculate how many more deaths Rutte is directly responsible for.

In Belgium, meanwhile, we speak of a democide, whereby the federal government, Sophie Wilmès and Alexander De Croo, as Prime Ministers, are directly responsible for 17,543 dead Belgians as a result of the “lockdowns” of March 18 and October 19, 2020.

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