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UPDATED – Meet Scott Schlimmer, a ‘Former’ CIA Officer, Who is Promoting His Private Security Company to Fight Against “ISIS”

Scott seems to be fluent in Hebrew as well. Something that can, obviously, be very useful when agencies like the Israeli Mossad want to hire him for one or more clandestine (secret, illegal) operations in the Middle East.

ITNT – ISIS, according to Donald Trump has been erased “100%”. ISIS its new leader, Abdullah Qardash, has been dead since 2017, investigations have shown.

All of that, however, isn’t stopping Scott Schlimmer, a ‘former’ CIA officer, to stretch the dead ISIS narrative some more – for profit.

In a November 8, 2019 blog post for STAM (Soluzioni Terrestri Aeree Marittime Srl), an Italian private security company where Schlimmer is the “Director of Information and Intelligence Division”, Schlimmer states that “ISIS in 2020 is likely to face a more permissive operational environment in Syria. As US troops withdraw from Syria, private security contractors like STAM will be needed to fill the void. Governments will need to carefully select military contractors, however, because contractors have a reputation of being strong during kinetic fighting operations but weaker on peacekeeping and hearts-and-minds missions, according to analysis of multiple reports by the Brookings Institute and the New York Times. […] STAM is the only major private military contractor that combines the operational efficiency of the US/UK approach with the uniquely Italian method of connecting with locals on-the-ground to gain their support. Such an approach will be vital to significantly reduce ISIS’s ability to conduct terrorist attacks.”

Although Schlimmer says that he worked for the CIA as a “Senior Analyst”, his analytical skills are poor at best, since the man doesn’t even seem to know that ISIS is long gone and that its new leader is already dead.

The fact that Scott was hired by STAM says a lot about STAM as well. Why would any decent government, agency or company hire STAM when their intel STINKS? You can’t take these guys serious. Right?

But that doesn’t really matter…

Because Scott seems to be fluent in Hebrew as well (hmmm….). Something that can, obviously, be very useful when agencies like the Israeli Mossad want to hire him for one or more clandestine (secret, illegal) operations in the Middle East.

Scott also likes girls, lots of girls – and money. Two crucial requirements to be considered eligible to acquire a ‘security’ project contract. As a contractor you have to be manipulable because your employer/client wants to be able to put pressure on you when you get too creative. Money and women are therefore perfect. It’s standard CIA/Mossad procedure.

At CSO, a company that “serves enterprise security decision-makers and users with the critical information they need to stay ahead of evolving threats and defend against criminal cyberattacks,” Schlimmer is described as:

“[A]n award-winning former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) officer who left the spy world to share his experience with the private sector.

He now helps companies assess their cyber programs against compliance frameworks to become more resilient. He also applies CIA principles to improve threat intelligence and analysis. Scott is available for projects and can be reached through the above links.

Scott is co-founder of CyberSaint Security and an advisor of SOC Prime. He is close with National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and is especially interested in the NIST Cybersecurity Framework.

Scott served seven years with the CIA, where he advised the President of the United States, Congressmen, and Generals, and represented the US Government in meetings with foreign officials. He earned a National Intelligence Award for his work on terrorist threats to the homeland and was trained as a Senior Analyst by CIA and a European nation.

Scott also served on the Olympics Counter-Terrorism Task Force, preventing disruption to the 2010 Winter Olympic Games, and has worked at the White House and the Canadian House of Commons.

Scott is co-author of the book “Stories from Langley: A Glimpse Inside the CIA.” He is a member of the Mensa high IQ society and (ISC)² as a Certified Information Systems Security Professional.

Scott earned a Master’s Degree in Public Policy and a Bachelor’s in Political Science from the University of Michigan.”

At Infosecurity Magazine Schlimmer’s profile states:

“Former CIA officer Scott M. Schlimmer is Chief Intelligence Officer and co-founder at CyberSaint Security, a Boston-based, innovative startup company helping organizations adopt the NIST Cybersecurity Framework with its breakthrough CyberStrong Platform™”

You can also hire Scott for a dedicated presentation:


I’m Scott Schlimmer. I’m a former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) officer and I won a National Intelligence Award for my work on terrorist threats to the US homeland. I received advanced analytic training from CIA and a European Nation, and I regularly advised the President of the United States.

Since leaving the government, I revamped the cyber threat intelligence program for a global critical infrastructure company with $32 billion in revenues and I have delivered risk and physical security assessments to companies in the United States and abroad.

I am available to speak at your next conference or corporate meeting.

Here is a list of topics available, along with sample videos. Alternatively, we can discuss a topic customized for your audience.

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You can also see my speaker bio and view my upcoming speaking engagements and publicity.

For additional background, see my LinkedIn profile:

I look forward to working with you and meeting your attendees!

+1 734-992-7268

The Other Side of the CIA: My Life as a CIA Analyst

(pp. 369-376)
DOI: 10.2307/j.ctt1d9nn6b.35

Quick—name your favorite movie about a CIA analyst. Having trouble naming one? Hollywood loves its CIA spy movies, but movies about analysts are few and far between. Is intelligence analysis boring, not worthy of the silver screen? You won’t see a movie shadowing a day in the life of Scott Schlimmer anytime soon, but the job can be surprisingly exciting at times . . . and surprisingly mundane at other times.

If you’ve ever wanted the excitement of the cia with the lifestyle of a nine-to-five desk job, then a career as an analyst might be what you’re looking…

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