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Creating the "desirable" citizen

Creating the “Desirable” Citizen

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“I have this haunting feeling that the entire “truth community” was allowed and most likely even created for analytical purposes.” – Mr Stosh

  • “Truthers are prime candidates for integration in to the system. Many will be turned to work for the beast system.” – Lieutenant Starbuck

“When Black Mirror suddenly becomes a documentary” – cpbowser

  • “It’s called predictive programming” – Prizz

“It’s crazy what people will accept when they don’t have a choice.” – Brandon Morgan

  • “You do have a choice my friend the question is are you so conditioned to the materialism in this world that you cant walk away from it or will you go along to get along. I for one will choose to lose now,and gain later” – John Adams

“A honest person with integrity will choose honesty and integrity despite the manipulation into evil.” – Kathy Wolf

“This will turn families against each other. Imagine the amount of kids ratting out their parents.They are trying to make people more loyal to their government then their friends and family.” – E.Flores

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