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ITNT℠ Launches First CLOUDCOIN Affiliate Internet Business

ITNT.news – With CloudCoin, a new digital currency that relies on the global DNS network instead of a blockchain, having launched on the 15th of July and with no sign of the global economy recovering any time soon, In the News Today℠ set out to create an affiliate system built around CloudCoin that people can earn an extra income with. Times are hard and for many of us every dollar, euro or peso counts.

With the CloudCoin Internet Business System, affiliates get introduced to the brave new world of CloudCoin and earn a 30% commission for every paying referral that joins the CloudCoin Internet Business System (CloudCoin Pioneer membership level).

The affiliate and business program is focused on taking advantage of CloudCoin while the masses still have to discover the new digital currency.

Also based on the announcement that Transform Group “will provide strategy and public relations services to create greater awareness about CloudCoin’s benefits“, ITNT℠ believes that by launching the CloudCoin Internet Business System we are helping people to get through the toughest times of their lives.

“The Transform Group is the world’s leading blockchain public relations, advisory, events, and social media company in the world. The Transform Group launched the ICOs for Etherium, Tether, Ripple, Dash and helped raise Billions for EOS. The Transform Group has rated CLD as a ‘A’ rank coin with unique qualities that give it an edge over other currencies.” – RAIDA Tech

The CloudCoin Internet Business System is not one of those get-rich-quick scams, nor is it a digital currency exchange or wallet service. It is built around the idea that CloudCoin needs to be popularized around the world by giving people the opportunity to earn something on the side while promoting CloudCoin.

Click here to join the CloudCoin Internet Business System for free. A US$7 upgrade fee will be charged if you choose to access the CloudCoin Pioneer membership level.

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