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Alex Jones and Infowars Gain More Mainstream Popularity after PBS’ “United States of Conspiracy” Documentary

ITNT.news – Last week the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) in the U.S. published its controversial documentary “United States of Conspiracy” on Youtube. Although the film, allegedly, is supposed to warn the American public about the ‘dangers’ of conspiracy theories, the film has in fact provided a bigger mainstream audience for both Alex Jones and Infowars.

A week-long investigation by In the News Today℠ (ITNT) into the effects of the PBS documentary on the public’s perception also shows that more people are now inclined to consider ‘conspiracy theories’ as possible answers to questions that have never been fully addressed by the mainstream media and government officials. Especially questions concerning the attacks of September 11, 2001 and the “police state” that has been installed during the course of the COVID-19 ‘pandemic’.

Although PBS wanted to profile Jones, with its documentary, as the most dangerous American alive today, the other reality is that the documentary has given Jones more ‘street cred’ among the millions of his followers.

If it was PBS’ intention to destroy Jones’ reputation with United States of Conspiracy, the broadcaster has in fact achieved the exact opposite effect.

United States of Conspiracy – PBS Frontline

How trafficking in conspiracy theories went from the fringes of U.S. politics into the White House. An investigation of the alliance among conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, longtime Trump associate Roger Stone and the president — and their role in the battle over truth and lies.

As the coronavirus pandemic continues, America reckons with racism and the 2020 election looms, “United States of Conspiracy” investigates how Jones and InfoWars, Stone, and Trump helped to lay the foundation for conspiracy theories to take center stage in America’s national conversation, how the idea of truth itself became part of America’s divide, and what it means for the future of our democracy.

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